Last month when I visited my hairdresser, she used this L’Oreal oil on my hair and when I seen her applying it, I was a little hesitant of the outcome because my hair doesn’t normally get on well with hair oils but surprisingly, this one seemed to work great.

When I opened my Glossybox this month, inside was a little sample bottle of the Mythic Oil (hardly a sample, to me it’s pretty big). The bottle contains 45ml of product and because it’s an oil, you don’t need a lot so I know it will last me until Christmas, at least. According to the website, the oil is “suitable for all hair types, enriched with avocado and grape-seed and the oil will leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny.” That I agree with, at first I was a teeny bit worried about trying the oil myself because you know what hairdressers are like – they always do everything 10x better, don’t they. In the past, I tried Moroccan Oil and my hair was absolutely disgusting afterwards – it looked like I hadn’t washed it in 4 days and felt horrible to touch,  that’s the reason I’ve never tried hair oils since.


To apply the product you just simply add a small amount to wet hair, brush through your hair and blow-dry as you normally would. I don’t have long hair but my hair is very thin and I feel that this product absorbs into my hair easily and makes it feel more hydrated as well as softer and shinier. This will probably sound strange but even though it’s an oil – it doesn’t feel oily, if you get my gist. I hate when I use a new hair product and I can still feel the excess on my hair after I’ve dried and straightened my hair. The oil retails at £13 and above, depending on where you buy from, the full size bottle contains 125ml so it will be sure to last you forever.

If you’re interested in buying the hair oil, you can purchase it here from Feel Unique with free delivery!

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Lauren, xx

Here’s some stuff I’ve had my eye on recently – most of the clothes will still be available so I will leave links below.


Button-neck Jumpsuit – Zara
Dark Grey Jumpsuit – H&M

I saw this jumpsuit in Zara today and almost had a heart-attack when I saw that it was £80! It’s amazing but no way would I ever spend that on a jumpsuit – I probably would if I could but y’know what I mean. I personally don’t love the silver detail at the waist but something in my heart is telling me I now need a grey jumpsuit after seeing this one in Zara. Afterwards, I was looking online at H&M’s collection of jumpsuits and I came across this one, in my opinion – I prefer it to the Zara jumpsuit. It costs £30 which is completely affordable and let’s face it – it’s gorgeous AND it also comes in navy!! I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit, I have this one from Topshop which cost around £65-£70 when I bought it and I always feel so comfortable in it, I don’t care if I look like a 16 year-old boy.


IMG_4550.PNGPeg Leg Trousers – Topshop

The next item is these gorgeous peg leg trousers from Topshop, the colour is what I love most – I think it’s absolutely stunning and would look amazing with so many different pieces. The length is also what I love about these trousers, I really love the almost-cropped look at the moment. I would wear these to work/uni casually with a basic tee or wear them out into town with a pretty blouse or crop top – perfect!

Black Leather Ankle Boot – Zara

The next item is a pair of ankle boots from Zara (Can you tell I’m loving Zara at the moment?), when I saw these in store I fell in love, for once in my life I actually appreciate a shoe with a point – normally I don’t like those kind of shoes but I think these are perfect. They are quite pricey at £79.99 but I think it’s so worth spending a lot of money on a gorgeous pair of boots that will last you forever.

TMNT Crop Top – Urban Outfitters

The last piece is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crop top from Urban Outfitters, I already have a top very similar to this but I love the Japanese writing underneath and surprisingly, I like that it’s a crop top. I love Urban Outfitters tops like this because they bring back your childhood memories and I honestly cannot wait to see the new movie so obviously I feel like I need to buy it.

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Lauren, xx

Since I’m going back to uni, I wanted to treat myself to some new clothes. I didn’t have anything in mind I wanted to buy apart from one thing. These Homer Simpson pyjamas from Topshop, I seen them recently in work and absolutely fell in love with them. There are so many cool pyjamas to choose from like Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and the Jungle Book so if you want some cute pyjamas – head to Topshop. For me, Homer Simpson were the best ones there.

I also bought just a plain black jersey top from Topshop (pretty boring) just to fling on with a casual outfit. You can never go wrong with a basic tee. I also bought a checked shirt from Zara. I am absolutely loving Zara at the moment, if you can remember the khaki trousers I’ve mentioned in recent posts – I also bought them in black because they’re so comfortable. I bought the checked shirt in a size S, it’s pretty oversized which I love so I will definitely be wearing that lots! I plan on being dressed pretty casual for uni, I never really make a huge effort unless it’s an important day – I can wear my tee and checked shirt with jeans or even with my Zara drawstring trousers for a relaxed look.


My sister and I went shopping pretty much all day and had the time of our lives in Lush and I also bought these crazy pairs of underwear from Topshop (I’m the biggest sucker for Topshop underwear – biggest kid alert). Too much information? Oh well.



Let me know what you think of my buys down below!

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Lauren, xx

Here’s just a few photos which I’ve taken recently and just some others that I wanted to add in.

1. It was Buzz’s 1st birthday on September 12th and this is a photo I took a couple months back when I put on an old pair of sunglasses and he went absolutely crazy, haha. It’s crazy how much he’s grown now, soon enough he’ll be the same size as Casper (my boyfriends other dog). The two of them are my favourite little guys ever.

2. This is apparently how I entertain myself on my lunch break in work, whilst watching Friends of course. Please expect a lot of ridiculous photos like this throughout my blog!

3. This time last year, I would have just arrived home from visiting New York and Florida for two weeks, I honestly can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since. Time flies and I really, really, really want to go back. Florida was the most amazing experience for me. This photo is of me and Christopher in Times Square when we visited New York. Our hotel was right in the centre so the view, as you can imagine was incredible.

4. So… This pizza is from ASDA. Yeah, that’s right, ASDA. You can get a pizza this size (14″) for £3.70 – amazing! Christopher and I had this for dinner recently and it tasted delicious. From what I can remember, the toppings were – double pepperoni, spicy beef and spicy chicken – WOW. If you haven’t ever tried ASDA’s make your own pizza’s – please go and do it. You won’t regret it.

5. This was my outfit recently for work and this was the first time I wore my Zara drawstring trousers, they’re so comfortable – I am 100% buying more colours. I wore them with a plain v-neck tee and white oversized shirt from Topshop and my Juju jellies, I know they’re coming out of style – Can someone recommend me a good pair of loafer/brogue style shoes that won’t destroy my feet please. These are definitely one of my new favourite pairs of trousers.

For my birthday, my sister bought me a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor (a watch) and I absolutely love it. I specifically wanted it so that I can track how many calories I burn after each gym session – so far I’m seriously loving it and I’m sure, once I’ve used it for a couple weeks, I’ll do a little review for you. They are definitely worth the money!

This is a photo of me and my friend Kimberley from my birthday night out. Surprisingly, this is one of the better photos from that night (99% sure I was the smallest one there) I still can’t believe I’m actually 20, I feel so old! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Kimberley loads, I’m so upset that this week will be the last time I’ll see her for 1 whole year. I genuinely don’t know how I will cope.

This is me crushing Casper’s cute little face, obviously I’m not really crushing him – just forcing him to be in a photo with me. My camera roll on my phone consists mostly of photos of himself & buzz. Crazy dog lady and proud, guys.

9. Me being a weirdo, as always.

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I hope you’re all well! xx

Get Naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get Clean.


Today I’m going to review the newest hype that’s been going around recently – rubbing coffee over your body. Sounds weird, right? The coffee scrub is packed with 200g of sweet almond, orange and apparently lots of other good stuff. According to the website, the scrub will target cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions by using roasted and ground robusta coffee beans and it will also smooth your lumps and bumps with brown sugar and sea salt, moisturise and tone your skin with cold pressed sweet almond oil and use vitamins and minerals to work wonders from the outside in and to top it off, make you smell good with its orange essence. The coffee scrub costs £11.95. There are also two other scrubs which are available to buy online, they cost £12.95 and £13.95. Each scrub is distinguished by a colour – pink, blue or purple. Each scrub targets the same areas but each one has different ingredients.


I’m not a fan of coffee so you can probably imagine how groce I thought it was to be rubbing it on my body. The packaging is really simple but in a funny way, I really like it. I think it’s really basic and not to OTT. To apply the product, you’re supposed to take a handful of the coffee and rub it into your skin, you can apply it on areas you wish to combat. At first, I just used it on my face, chest and arms. Let me tell you, your bath or shower will be covered in coffee afterwards – so make sure you wash if off before your mum notices and wants to kill you, haha. Use circular motions to apply the product onto skin and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off like you would normally wash off shower gel, for example. If you have oily/combination skin, you should use a light body oil to remove any excess oil. I guess the most important thing for me was how my body felt afterwards. In my opinion, I didn’t feel a dramatic difference buy my body did feel moisturised and hydrated. I’ve used it twice now (you’re only recommended to use it twice a week) and so far, I think it’s okay. Noting spectacular but maybe I just need to give it more time. If I see any changes, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.
If you’re interested in buying Frank, you can purchase it here.

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Lauren, xx

Hey guys, I’ve been buying some really nice items recently (not many, but a few) and I thought I would show you them. I’m going back to uni soon so these items will be really cool to style up for going back.


‘Full Time Fashion Blogger’ sweatshirt – River Island
I bought this sweatshirt because I’ve seen a lot of people wearing it and I think it looks pretty cool. It’s only £25 which means it’s totally affordable and I can definitely see me chucking this on for those days in uni when I just can’t be bothered.

Crepe shift dress – Topshop
I originally bought this dress for my birthday and I think I could wear this to uni on the more smarter, professional days – when I have a presentation, for example. I would wear this dress with a leather jacket, tights and some chunky boots or even with a tailored blazer.

Drawstring trousers – Zara
First of all, does anyone else think the Zara website is awful?
I saw these trousers in Zara recently and fell in love with every colour. I’m always in jeans and sometimes I want to look like I’ve actually made an effort to get dressed and I thought these could be dressed up or down. I could wear these to uni with a basic jersey top or I could wear them out with a blouse and some heels, perfect! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the other colours in these trousers – they are so comfortable.

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Take care, xx


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