Lancôme Grandiôse






I never really take the time to invest in expensive mascaras, simply because I can’t normally afford it. But this time, I thought just do it (for once). This Lancôme Grandiôse is definitely pleasing to the eye and it definitely does amazing things to your lashes! It costs £24.50 from Debenhams which is 100% a lot for a mascara but it’s definitely worth it. The packaging is what caught my eye, I think it looks so luxurious and stunning. I don’t use an eyelash curler, ever and this mascara is the reason why. It curls your lashes after one application, for me – a good mascara is one that makes my lashes look super duper long and gives them more volume and this is what this Lancôme mascara does.

When I first saw the applicator, I was a little worried because I thought it might have been difficult to use but it’s so easy and you don’t get too much product on the brush. When I apply this mascara with two coats – my lashes look longer and a lot more fuller. Although, I don’t apply mascara on my bottom lashes (just a personal preference) so I couldn’t tell you how easy or difficult to apply the mascara is because the shape of the brush is a little different to most wands but I can’t imagine it being overly difficult. Because the brush is pretty small anyway, it’s so easy to get into the inner corner of your lashes without the product clumping and it will stay put all day – there’s nothing worse than spiderweb lashes, right?

In terms of removing the mascara, it does take a little longer for it to budge but if you use a good make-up remover and cleanser, you’ll be fine. I really do love this mascara for the way it looks and also how it makes my lashes so much longer and fuller.

If you’re interested in this mascara, you can buy it here.

L x

Checks and Rips


IMG_1227.JPG Black tee- TOPSHOP, Jeans- TOPSHOP (sale), Shirt- ZARA, Vans- SCHUH 

I wore this outfit to work recently and let’s face it, it’s pretty casual. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I just want to be comfortable in my outfits and ripped jeans and baggy tees are my favourites for this.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how funky my Sully phone case is?! I love it so much haha. I haven’t worn my white MOM’s in forever but I thought I would wear them today for a little change, I always love wearing my Vans with these because it gives it a more casual, relaxed look. I have been living in this ZARA checked shirt since I bought it, it’s one of those shirts you can easily fling on and you’re good to go and it’s super comfortable.

I hope you’re all well, sorry I’ve been MIA – uni is taking it’s toll. `
L x

November Wishlist

It’s always so hard for me at this time of year, trying not to buy anything for myself but instead buying Christmas presents. The temptation is hard but I can always have my eye on stuff, right?! Yup, thought so.


Sweatshirt- ASOS, Top-Adidas VIA ASOS 

The first item is this Donald Duck sweatshirt from ASOS, I know some of you will think it’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen but I love it. This is the kind of thing I would fling on for uni, for a casual, cosy kind of day (mostly everyday, haha). It only costs £30 which I think is a bargain. I also love this ADIDAS top. I think this top is so cool because of the colour-fade and splatter effect. This is the kind of top I live in because they’re super comfortable and cosy.

IMG_1158.JPGWaistcoat- TOPSHOP, Jumpsuit- ZARA 

The next item is just amazing, it’s a waistcoat from TOPSHOP, I originally seen this in a khaki colour but it’s sold out so I can’t show you how amazing it is but the white one is just as pretty. Can you imagine this with an all black outfit and some amazing boots?! I can just picture it in my head. I think it would completely transform an outfit and I think I need it in my life, haha.

Next up is this amazing jumpsuit from ZARA. I think the checked detail makes it causal and appropriate to dress up and again, would make you look like you’ve made an effort but really you’ve just chucked on a jumpsuit. I think you could dress this up with some loafers for the day then at night, add some black heels. Amazing!

L x

Life Lately #2



Time for another update, most of these photos are just ones that haven’t made it onto my Instagram, haha.

Casper, Christopher’s dog got a haircut the other day and for some reason, he always looks 100 times more cuter than ever when he’s just been cut, isn’t he just the cutest little guy ever. My 2 sisters, brother and I went to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie in cinemas a couple weeks ago and it was AMAZING. Because there’s 4 of us and 4 of them – we all became one of the Turtle’s for the day, I was Michaelangelo and coincidently, he was my favourite out of them all. I love how they all have different characteristics and how Michaelangelo was the funniest of them all, the four of us were fighting over his character, haha. My favourite part of the movie was definitely the elevator scene! On October 16th, Christopher and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary together and I unfortunately didn’t take many photos of our day than I intended on but I did get a photo of my meal (standard). We went to our favourite resteraunt in Glasgow and it was absolutely delicious, as always. I had my first Costa Hot Chocolate of the Christmas season and I was so bloody excited when I got a Christmas cup! I can’t believe we’re already half-way through November, time flies. I can’t wait for the new year to come in! My new chunky jumper is featured twice in this post, I love it so much. Like I said in my blogpost, I’m not usually into wearing jumpers but I think I may have been converted.

L x


Return of the Chelsea Boot




Shirt- TOPSHOP, Jeans- TOPSHOP, Chelsea Boots- DR MARTENS 

I’m a sucker for a good pair of Chelsea Boots and because the weather hasn’t been great recently, they are officially back. I own multiple pairs and no matter what, every single year I always buy a new pair. This is an outfit I wore to work, I liked it because the colours in my shirt complimented my boots and we all know I love a ripped jean so of course, I had to wear them.

This checked shirt is so comfy, I love the fit too – I bought the size 12 just so it was a little oversized, I would recommend trying it on first just to know what fit you like.

L x

Chunky Knits and Ripped Jeans


Jumper- TOPSHOP, Jeans- TOPSHOP, Jacket- ASOS (sale), Boots- ASOS

Today’s post is just a simple OOTD featuring my new amazing jumper. I bought this jumper for days like today where it’s absolutely freezing outside and I have to travel into uni (bad times). I think it’s safe to say the cold weather is finally back! I wore my jumper with my ripped jeans from Topshop (comfiest jeans you’ll ever wear) and my denim jacket – some people hate double denim but I’m a sucker for it and I thought if I wore a really thick jacket, I would get too warm so I opted for this.

L x

New Buys (Teeny-tiny Topshop Haul)





Uniform started again in work which is amazing! It happens every three months and I’m always so excited, haha. I bought two amazing pieces which I know will last me forever. I’m not normally into wearing jumpers especially winter ones when they’re really thick – just simply because I get so warm and I always have to take them off. I love my thin jumpers that I just fling on for a lazy day at uni but I thought I would risk it and try this one. Isn’t it the most beautiful jumper!? I think it’s amazing, if you’re in a Topshop store – have a feel, ’cause it feels so super duper soft. I can imagine styling the jumper with some ripped jeans (duh) and my new chunky BOOTS. When it comes to checked shirts? I have so so so many, I may have an obsession. I think they’re so easy to style and of course, they’re so comfortable. I love the colours in the shirt and I know loads of people will hate them, my mum says it looks like a mans shirt which I’m totally okay with, haha! Again, this feels amazing to touch and the fit is super nice when you go a size up so it’s a little more oversized.

L x