Current Wishlist – Topshop, ASOS, Zara

You’ve probably noticed that mostly every single shop right now has been bringing in loads of new clothes for Autumn/Winter and you can’t deny it’s pretty exciting. I love this time of year, the dark nights and that Christmas feeling. Below is just a mixture of some pieces I have my eye on at the moment.

I normally just wear a simple scarf, normally tartan – I always seem to get my scarves from Urban Outfitters, they normally cost around £16 but they last me years and they always have different styles and colours available. Recently, I’ve seen some bloggers wearing scarves as capes/shawls almost and I don’t think I could ever pull one off but I absolutely love this one from Topshop. I love the block colours and how it sits on the model – for £28, it is quite expensive but I guess you could wear this with just a blazer on the cooler days/evenings. I love fringing and tassel details and this tunic from Topshop is just perfect, I would style this with some tights and chunky boots in the winter and a cosy coat or you could wear it in the evening with pretty black heels. I love that it’s black and not too in your face, this could be worn casually or more formal.

I absolutely adore these trousers, they will 100% be getting purchased. I think they’re so perfect, they are also available in black but I think they khaki colour is a lot more relaxed and just adds a little bit more fun into your outfit, I LOVE that they’re also ripped, I do really, really love a ripped knee. They only cost £36 which is pretty good, normally for a pair of smarter trousers in Topshop you’ll pay around £40-£45 so I think these trousers are definitely more reasonably priced.


I really love printed tees/jumpers at the moment but only if it’s simple and not over-the-top. I love this Cheap Monday jumper because although it’s white, it’s really classic and basic but I think it could transform an outfit completely. Sometimes I think two-toned denim can look quite tacky and cheap but I love these jeans from ASOS, I think they would look so cool with just a plain basic jersey top and some Converse or Vans, priced at £39.99, I think these are very reasonable for a good pair of high-quality, sustainable jeans.

Faux Leather Jacket, £29.99
I seen this jacket on Zara for £30, yup that’s right. I personally think it looks so expensive, I had to double check the price when I first looked – I love the colour, I think you could wear this with so many different outfits and it would still look so classic and sheek. I like how they’re isn’t too much hardware, sometimes gold or silver can be done too much and just makes the jacket look super cheap.

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Lauren, xx

MacBook Air

Okay, so it finally happened… I bought a MacBook Air today and I am the happiest person in the world right now. I love it so much, I’ve wanted an Apple laptop for quite some time now and I’m so lucky to finally own one. I bought it specifically for uni and blogging, I can’t wait to be sitting in my uni lecture taking notes, haha (biggest loser ever).


I bought my MacBook from Curry’s/PC World, fortunately I managed to get some discount on my laptop, which made it increasingly cheaper which I was chuffed about. My laptop is for my Christmas but thankfully I managed to get earlier, haha. So far, I’m loving it – hopefully I’ll be able to upload more blogposts and get motivated for second year of uni starting! I originally wanted to buy the 11.6″ but when I seen it in real life, it was just a little bit too small for me. The smaller MacBook is about an inch bigger than an iPad which I thought wouldn’t suit me so I decided to buy the 13.3″ which is perfect! I’m so so happy right now.

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Lauren, xx

Nike Have Done It Again

Okay, so these shoes will definitely be either a love or hate kind of thing but I love them SO much. The Roshe Run Woven’s are amazing.



IMG_4789.JPG I bought these woven Roshe’s from ASOS in their sale for £42 which is pretty good for a pair of Nike trainers. There are other colours available – black and dark grey, I personally preferred the white/light grey. I know some people are going to absolutely hate them but I think they look so cool. They’re certainly different and I think they’ll be my go-to uni shoe, when I can’t be bothered. I have several different pairs of Nike Roshe Runs and they’re so comfortable so I know I’m going to get tonnes of wear out of them. They are also available in places like Schuh, Size etc but you can get them for £42 instead of £70 on ASOS so head on over there if you like the look of these woven trainers, you can buy them here. Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin Lauren, xx

Instagram Update #1

Everybody loves an Instagram update, right? This is my first one, these photos have all been uploaded onto my Instagram over the past four weeks. I seem to be getting quite good at creating loads of different collages, this is just a random post with a little update on what’s been happening over the past month or so.

As you can see I frequently take outfit posts, I’ve become quite the pro. I normally upload these onto Instagram to share what I’ve worn that day. The first photo I took recently when I updated my blog theme and I guess you could say I was pretty proud of it, haha. I like to experiment with different colours and themes and I’m so picky but this is what I came up with. The second and third photos are of food, duh. I tried granola for the first time a couple weeks back and I think it tasted delicious, if you’ve never tried it – you definitely should, I just eat it with greek yoghurt and different varieties of fruit. I bought the Elle A/W Collections magazine which cost around £6, I love to collect magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, this is what happens when you become a fashion student. This is another one of the many photos of Buzz (my boyfriends dog) who turned 1 recently. Lastly, I unfortunately turned 20 this month, I don’t feel any older but it definitely does feel strange telling people I’m now 20 years-old. Woah!

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Take care, xx

New Loves: Loafers

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of loafers for a while now, I specifically wanted them to wear with smarter trousers. I’ve been looking for quite some time, I had my eye on a pair in Next but something was telling me not to buy them and when I went into Schuh recently – I noticed this gorgeous pair.



I love the different textures and details of these loafers, I think they look so pretty and when I saw them, I knew they had to be mine. They cost £65 (£58 with student discount) which is quite expensive but for a pair of real leather loafers, I can justify it. I know I’m going to get so much wear out of these and hopefully they won’t kill my feet like every other pair of shoes I own. These loafers are called “Elementary” if you’re interested and you can buy them here.

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Lauren, xx

Topshop A/W Outerwear Wishlist

I know I only just bought my beloved Jersey Trench from Topshop which cost a crazy £85, but I already want another jacket. Without a doubt, I always get my A/W jackets from Topshop because I know they’ll last me forever and yeah, they’re pricey but it’s definitely worth it. Below are a selection of 2 jackets and a blazer I’ve picked out which I’m 100% sure I need in my life, haha.

Premium Trench Coat, £150

Leather Biker Jacket, £320

Longline Tuxe Blazer, £70

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to buy a camel coloured trench coat but I always talk myself out of it. I remember having a jacket like this when I was around 14 years-old. I think this is the perfect jacket, for me. I love the colour and I think they look so effortless and classic. £150 is totally out of my price range but I wouldn’t mind putting away some money each money just to get my hands on this. I love it so much! I ALWAYS see people go on about how much they want a real leather jacket, now I know why. This leather jacket is absolutely beautiful. At £320, I could never afford this jacket but I guess that’s why this blogpost is called a wishlist. I love that the silver zips etc are very minimal and not too in your face. Lastly, I love the tuxe blazer because I love that ‘wearing your boyfriends clothes’ kind of look and I also love the idea of a two-piece suit. I already own one but of course, I want another. The PU lapels are what drew me to this blazer, I think it’s stunning.

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Lauren, xx


Here’s just a simple outfit of the day from work featuring my new favourite top in the whole world. I seen this top in our Last Chance To Buy section in work and absolutely fell in love with it. I didn’t stop talking about it for weeks and my three friends bought me it as a birthday gift – I was so chuffed when I realised they had actually bought me it. It’s pretty expensive at £46 but it feels so luxurious and I think it will make any outfit look amazing.


Ladder detail top – Topshop
White mom jeans – Topshop, sold out
Jelly sandals – ASOS
Chunky belt – Topman

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Lauren, xx

Belated Birthday Meal and Leaving Night

As you may know, it was my birthday last Monday and my friend Kimberley is leaving to go to Spain next week so we arranged a meal for Kimberley, my two other friends and I just to say goodbye. I also had birthday presents to get from the girls (so exciting)! We ate at a Mexican resteraunt in Glasgow City which was delicious – of course I had fajitas! Here’s some photos from the night – Kimberley, we’ll miss you!!

This is a photo collage I made for Kimberley, apparently we take a lot of good (and bad) photos together, haha.




This was my birthday card from the girls – best thing ever!!!?!

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Lauren, xx

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil

Last month when I visited my hairdresser, she used this L’Oreal oil on my hair and when I seen her applying it, I was a little hesitant of the outcome because my hair doesn’t normally get on well with hair oils but surprisingly, this one seemed to work great.

When I opened my Glossybox this month, inside was a little sample bottle of the Mythic Oil (hardly a sample, to me it’s pretty big). The bottle contains 45ml of product and because it’s an oil, you don’t need a lot so I know it will last me until Christmas, at least. According to the website, the oil is “suitable for all hair types, enriched with avocado and grape-seed and the oil will leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny.” That I agree with, at first I was a teeny bit worried about trying the oil myself because you know what hairdressers are like – they always do everything 10x better, don’t they. In the past, I tried Moroccan Oil and my hair was absolutely disgusting afterwards – it looked like I hadn’t washed it in 4 days and felt horrible to touch,  that’s the reason I’ve never tried hair oils since.


To apply the product you just simply add a small amount to wet hair, brush through your hair and blow-dry as you normally would. I don’t have long hair but my hair is very thin and I feel that this product absorbs into my hair easily and makes it feel more hydrated as well as softer and shinier. This will probably sound strange but even though it’s an oil – it doesn’t feel oily, if you get my gist. I hate when I use a new hair product and I can still feel the excess on my hair after I’ve dried and straightened my hair. The oil retails at £13 and above, depending on where you buy from, the full size bottle contains 125ml so it will be sure to last you forever.

If you’re interested in buying the hair oil, you can purchase it here from Feel Unique with free delivery!

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Lauren, xx

September Wishlist

Here’s some stuff I’ve had my eye on recently – most of the clothes will still be available so I will leave links below.


Button-neck Jumpsuit – Zara
Dark Grey Jumpsuit – H&M

I saw this jumpsuit in Zara today and almost had a heart-attack when I saw that it was £80! It’s amazing but no way would I ever spend that on a jumpsuit – I probably would if I could but y’know what I mean. I personally don’t love the silver detail at the waist but something in my heart is telling me I now need a grey jumpsuit after seeing this one in Zara. Afterwards, I was looking online at H&M’s collection of jumpsuits and I came across this one, in my opinion – I prefer it to the Zara jumpsuit. It costs £30 which is completely affordable and let’s face it – it’s gorgeous AND it also comes in navy!! I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit, I have this one from Topshop which cost around £65-£70 when I bought it and I always feel so comfortable in it, I don’t care if I look like a 16 year-old boy.


IMG_4550.PNGPeg Leg Trousers – Topshop

The next item is these gorgeous peg leg trousers from Topshop, the colour is what I love most – I think it’s absolutely stunning and would look amazing with so many different pieces. The length is also what I love about these trousers, I really love the almost-cropped look at the moment. I would wear these to work/uni casually with a basic tee or wear them out into town with a pretty blouse or crop top – perfect!

Black Leather Ankle Boot – Zara

The next item is a pair of ankle boots from Zara (Can you tell I’m loving Zara at the moment?), when I saw these in store I fell in love, for once in my life I actually appreciate a shoe with a point – normally I don’t like those kind of shoes but I think these are perfect. They are quite pricey at £79.99 but I think it’s so worth spending a lot of money on a gorgeous pair of boots that will last you forever.

TMNT Crop Top – Urban Outfitters

The last piece is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crop top from Urban Outfitters, I already have a top very similar to this but I love the Japanese writing underneath and surprisingly, I like that it’s a crop top. I love Urban Outfitters tops like this because they bring back your childhood memories and I honestly cannot wait to see the new movie so obviously I feel like I need to buy it.

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Lauren, xx